SPRING to SUMMER 2023Dance Classeswith Uwe & ColleenThe Laurelhurst Club,3721 SE Ankeny Street6 Mondays, May 15 - June 266 Tuesdays, May 16 - June 276 Wednesdays, May 17 - June 28excluding Mon 5/29, Tue 6/13, Wed 5/24 as Laurelhurst Club is not available
6 Mondays
May 15, 22, X, June 5, 12, 19, 26No Vaccination RequirementNew moves, new variations, and moving up in skill levels for each class!Waltz "B" Beyond Beginning  6:00-6:50pm, $90/6wkFoundational Skills & Key variations Be comfortable with basics.Waltz "C" Towards Intermediate6:30-7:20pm, $90/6wkBuilding up more advanced repertoire and skills!Waltz Combo BC $135Be comfortable with key variations.Nightclub Two-Step Int./Adv.  7:20-8:10pm, $95/6wkFavorite & challenging moves, new from last sessions.Waltz Int./Adv.  8:10-9:00pm, $95/6wkFavorite & challenging moves, new from last sessions.
6 Tuesdays
May 16, 23, 30, June 6, X, 20, 27
No Vaccination Requirement
Teen Partner Dance classes Swing & WaltzLearn the dance skills for life, with 4/4 and 3/4 rhythm to cover most music 6:00-7:00 pm, $90 for teenage students
Group discount available, please inquire at [email protected]Waltz - Beginning  7:00-8:00 pm, $105Welcome to this popular and dynamic dance.SALSA - Beyond Beginning  8:00-9:00pm, $105Add fun variations to your Salsa basics. We will include some Merengue, another popular and easy dance for the Latin dance floor.

Not sure which classes are right for you? Test drive any class on May 16, before deciding on session, $20 per class. Apply the $20 test drive fee fully to the session fee if you decide to stay.
6 Wednesdays
May 17, X, 31 June 7, 14, 21, 28
No Vaccination Requirement
  East Coast Swing6:00-7:00pm, $105/6wk of full hour classesLearn new variations and skills to slower and faster songs. Be comfortable with Triple and Single Step basics and turnsNightclub Two-StepTowards Intermediate7:00-8:00pm, $105/6wk of full hour classesFlow through the basics and learn favorite intermediate variations.Foxtrot Intermediate/AdvancedFull spectrum of music8:00-9:00pm, $105/6wk of full hour classesNew variations for Slow Slow Quick Quick (SSQQ) and SQQ rhythm. Add One-Step rhythm and very fast songs.
Adjust your Foxtrot in styling and technique to various music.

A quick sign-up is very appreciated to help us balance your classSign up with the form below or by e-mail to Uwe at [email protected]Please let us know if you have any questions

$10 Multi-class discount for any added class, for any night, e.g. -$10 for 2 classes total,  -$20 for 3 classes totalYou can apply credit from the last 2020 session
Late sign-up, increase each class fee by $5 if signing up within 3 days before class start, i.e. after- Friday, May 12  for Monday classes- Saturday, May 13  for Tuesday classes- Sunday, May 14 for Wednesday classes
Test Driving is possible if you are not quite sure about a class. Attend the first night and pay $20 for that night, or the session fee if you decide to take the full session.
This is typically offered for a beginning class, but can be arranged with Uwe for any class if you request it.

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Test Driving is possible if you are not quite sure about a class. Attend the first night and pay $20 for that night, or the session fee if you decide to take the full session. Add a message to Uwe if you plan to test drive a class.


Please bring cash or check to the first class

Safety MeasuresCovid numbers keep declining.
Also, with moderate outside temperature in spring we can open windows and doors wide and bring lots of fresh  outside air in with fans.All of this should reduce transmission risks compared to winter with windows only partially opened. Even for winter, we have had no indication of infection in our classes in over 40 nights of dancing with the following actions and guidelines:
- Airflow and air exchange of inside and outside air- Do not attend classes if you feel any cold, flu, or Covid symptoms- Wash your hands before and after class or use provided hand sanitizer- Consider getting the flu shot and the latest Covid booster- Masking is optional- You can wear a provided sticker to dance with only masked dancersWe hope you feel comfortable dancing with our approach!The Connect To Dance community is coming back together, step by step, and in a positive way to care for each other. 


Monday classes are held at The Laurelhurst Club
3721 SE Ankeny St. Portland OR
See map below